Endodontics (the option to save your teeth)

What is Endodontics?

It is the specialty that is responsible for removing the nerve of the tooth when it has been affected by decay, by a blow or simply request a rehabilitation process that is causing symptoms.

Not always hurt. Sometimes we do not feel pain until you got the nerve and then it's too late. When decay reaches the nerve is infected and thus inflamed and painful. If swelling persists, the nerve may lose its vitality. He no longer feels pain, but pus, that leaves the tip of the root and causes an abscess occurs. Sometimes the body reacts by forming a capsule around and then an abscess occurs.

The goal of endodontics is to remove the diseased tissue of a tooth, eliminating pain and the danger of infection in the body. With this treatment, the permanence of the root of the treated part in the mouth is prolonged, and this allows to rehabilitate by placing a reinforcement and a sheath intraradicular ceramic.

A review every six months helps us maintain an optimal state of our mouth and prevent future disease.


Why is it important?

Endodontics is important because it allows us to give a longer life to the tooth in the mouth, although his nerve has been removed, being a safe and effective way to save a damaged that otherwise would have to be extracted tooth.

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